• “It was great to attend an event that doesn't discuss the technologies and focuses on the real issues.”
  • “It was a very well planned conference, and one of the best infosec days I’ve been to in a while."
  • “Many congratulations on a very successful and highly enjoyable RANT Conference. From an attendees perspective I have nothing but praise and commendation for a job very well done”

2016 Agenda

12:00 - 13:00

Networking Lunch

You can't RANT on an empty stomach. So grab some delicious lunch and coffee, and get prepared for an afternoon of exciting RANT discussions.

13:00 - 13:05

Are you Ready to RANT?

RANT  "To speak or declaim extravagantly; talk in a wild or vehement way; rave:"

CHATHAM HOUSE RULE  "When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

DEBATE  "A formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of proposition are advocated by opposing speakers."

13:05 - 13:10

Chair Introduction

  • Paul Fisher Research Director, Digital Business Services BU - PAC UK
13:10 - 13:50

Panel: Managing and Detecting the Insider Threat

In the last year, 71 percent of breaches in the UK came from a threat on the inside of the enterprise!

The insider threat is possibly the most successful yet least publicised ways to attack a company, past and current employees post a cyber threat so large, why are we not doing more to tackle these?  This exciting panel will explore the many ways in which they understand this threat can be targeted, managed and prevented.


  • Becky Pinkard Vice President, Service Delivery and Intelligence
  • Hosted By: Geoff White Technology Journalist - Channel 4 News
  • David Emm Senior Security Researcher - Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis Team
  • View full profile for Richard WrightRichard Wright Security Education Programme and Information Assurance & Accreditation Team - National Crime Agency
13:50 - 14:20

Panel: IT Security vendors: friend or foe?

Should IT security vendors be trusted? Are they the peddlers of magic beans and snake oil that claim to solve all your cyber security ills. Or can you achieve the same or greater levels of protection with open source and DIY security? Can IT security vendors give you an unbiased view on the state of a threat and the types of solutions required to protect yourself, or are they just looking for a quick sale? Not all of them are evil sales orientated vendors and if targeted correctly they can bring a deal of productive input. During this panel discussion led by Orlando Scott-Cowley from Mimecast you can discuss the frustrations some may feel at such a ruling or if you think it would open the flood gates to a host of people who wouldn’t add any value to the proceedings.


14:20 - 15:00

IT Professionals couldn’t communicate their way out of a paper bag

Cyberattacks are up by ….% in the last 12 months, cybercrime costs the global economy $568bn annually, and cyber breaches increasingly dominating the front pages.

So why can't we engage with colleagues and bosses on the importance of cyber security?” The answer is largely down to the ‘communication gap’ and the inability to win people’s hearts and minds. Why? IT professionals couldn’t communicate their way out of a paper bag!

So how do we turn the tide? How do you communicate complex concepts? How can you convey emerging dangers in way that will elicit action? And how can you offer insight on risks the business faces in a way that is actionable and quantifiable? The panel will provide a range of techniques to help the community to start winning the cyber security communication battle within your organisation.

  • Tom Harvey – Shock & Awe
  • Jules Gascoigne – Communicating with senior staff
  • Hamish Haynes – Make it human
  • Peter Cooper – Building a Cyber Security Culture
  • Crag Rice – Jargon, acronyms &  consequence management


  • Jules Gascoigne Chief Information Security Officer - Financial Conduct Authority
  • Hamish Haynes Digital Security Training Lead - bp
  • Peter Cooper Strategic Cyber Security Consultant - UK Ministry of Defence
  • Craig Rice Director of Security - Payments UK
15:00 - 15:30


15:30 - 16:00

What Do You Mean There’s No Silver Bullet?

In the beginning there was A/V.  And it was good. But threats became more sophisticated, attackers got smarter and A/V alone couldn’t keep networks secure.  Enter network sandboxing.  And it too was good.  But once again, attackers got smarter and found ways around it.

So what have we learned?  You need an approach to security.  There’s no silver bullet that can protect against every security threat.  Adding next-gen endpoint security to your arsenal provides you the visibility and response capabilities you need to keep pace with ever-evolving advanced attackers.

Kane will RANT about what a true next-gen end point security solution should encompass and provide a guide to navigating the noise and understanding what your options really are.

  • Kane Hardy Vice President, EMEA - Hexis Cyber Solutions
16:00 - 17:00

The RANT Soapbox

Get ready for a fast paced series of short and snappy RANTs from a selection of well known RANTers, Rookies and Rebels.  Each will have just six minutes to voice their opinions on the topics that they find most frustrating in the industry. Governed by our specialist judging panel, armed with buzzers and heckles, you can rest assured that there wont be a dull moment.  Be sure to grab them after the session to further elaborate on, and question their RANT, as we are going to be pushing the clock....

The Judges:

Becky PinkardBecky Pinkard

Vice President, Service Delivery and Intelligence


Rant_082Javvad Malik

Security Advocate


Rant_071Thom Langford

Chief Information Security Officer, Publicis Group


The RANTs:

  1. The only way is Ethics, Dave Brooks, Vendor Risk Manager
  2. The sky is falling in we’re all going to die (Bruce called it an 11) , Quentyn Taylor, Director of Information Security at Canon for Europe
  3. Risk - Do we really get it?, Bhavuk Arora, Information Security and Enterprise Risk Specialist at Ernst & Young
  4. Lost That Loving Feeling (with apologies to the Righteous Brothers) Security supplies don't do it any more, Joe Goodings, Infrastructure Specialist at Greenpeace
  5. C-words - this is why we can't have nice [secure] things, Rowenna Fielding, Information Governance Officer at RNIB
  6. Controlling the Perimeter - National Borders, Joseph Mulhall, Cybersecurity Architect at Carving Ltd
  7. Playing with Fire(walls): Wargaming Cyber Attacks, Andreas Haggman, Cyber Security PhD Researcher at RHUL
  8.  Endpoint security – machine learning vs. Russian roulette, Lloyd Webb, Cylance
  9. Economics (in)Security, Gabe Chomic, Information Security Manager at RNIB
  10. Enough with the PKI is broken rhetoric, Thomas Fischer, Principal Threat Researcher at Digital Guardian

17:00 - 17:05

Closing Comments

  • Paul Fisher Research Director, Digital Business Services BU - PAC UK
17:05 - 21:00

Reception Drinks

Join us at our exclusive pop up pub where you will enjoy an excellent selection of craft beers and fine wines.  We will have a final classic beer-in-hand style RANT at 18:30 so you have plenty of time to visit our sponsors and catch up with your colleagues before hand.

18:30 - 19:15

People in glass networks shouldn’t throw stones

As our regular RANT'ers will know, the best RANTs happen with a beer in hand. So grab yourself a drink from our pop up pub, and stick around to see one of our top RANTers take to the floor in the exhibition area for the final RANT of the day...

Emerging threats, sure…But what about the ones staring you in the face?

Before you start spending precious budgets and exploring disruptive technologies to combat advanced attackers and new threats, you still have a lot of work to do.  The basics are still not being addressed effectively enough. Out of date infrastructure, flawed or non-existent patch regimes and the machine that no one is allowed to touch are just some of the real-world issues that must be addressed as an unavoidable first step on your journey to effective security, and yet no one appears to be doing it!