• “It was great to attend an event that doesn't discuss the technologies and focuses on the real issues.”
  • “It was a very well planned conference, and one of the best infosec days I’ve been to in a while."
  • “Many congratulations on a very successful and highly enjoyable RANT Conference. From an attendees perspective I have nothing but praise and commendation for a job very well done”

RANT New Talent Programme

The RANT Conference supports Cyber Security Students, Mentees and other new industry talent by offering a select number of tickets to these groups of developing professionals who will build the future of cyber security.

By allowing this new talent entry to our events we hope that it will encourage the continued development of their skills, educate them on the real challenges in the industry, and most importantly, enable them to build relationships and grow their network to aid and support their future career development.

Each Conference holds 15 places exclusively for this group inspiring professionals. Please contact Gemma on if you have any questions or would like to apply.  The 15 places are available on an individual application or referral basis for Students, Mentees or New Talent who can prove their interest in Cyber Security.  This programme is not available to those currently working on a permanent basis within an information security team.


  • RANT supports some of the key Universities in the UK that provide relevant degrees in areas such as Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, Information Security and Computer Forensics. We work closely with the course leaders to select flourishing individuals whom would benefit from attending the RANT Conference and are not currently employed within information security.


  • The RANT Conference attracts 300 Senior Cyber Security professionals. Many of which are either formally or informally mentoring new Cyber Security talent. We don’t mind what form of mentoring is taking place, but the Mentor will need to contact Gemma to apply for a place for their Mentee, who should be in the very early stages of their career or actively looking for their first role. The Mentor will need to be attending the conference themselves.

New Talent

  • If you are not currently employed in an information security role, but have an active interest in the subject and have taken part in the Cyber Security Challenge or any other similar event, course or programme that supports and welcomes new talent into the industry then you could apply for a place at the RANT Conference. Please contact Gemma stating why you would like to attend, what you hope to gain and demonstrate your interest in Cyber Security.